Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Gifts, Talents, and Hobbies

I had to journal for a page in my life book about my gifts, talents, and hobbies. It really got me to thinking. I had never given much thought to what my talents or gifts were.

I know I have always loved working with kids and I am good at it. At church I have worked witht he smaller kids, ages 4 - 2nd grade since I started teaching. And I loved working with the kids whne I worked at the schools. I was good with them and loved especially doing the groups. The kids all responded to me really well. I guess those would be some of my gifts-working with kids and teaching.

As far as talents, something you are born with or something you have developed, I love to create-scrapbook pages, bulletin boards, crafty stuff, etc. I supposed I would have to say one of my talents would be my creativity. I am good at making things and really enjoy it.

When I think about hobbies, I use my talent for my hobby of scrapbooking and cardmaking. I never really got into my hobby until just the last few years-after the house burned down. I used to collect lots of things to put into scrapbooks but never actually got around to making them. After the fire, I realized how precious those things are and started making scrapbooks for the kids. I have now made over 20 scrapbooks with so many more to do. It's very relaxing to me and something I really enjoy doing. It's really the only hobby I have.

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