Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miami 1969

I found this picture of me taken in Miami in 1969. I couldn't think of what to write at first, so I pulled up an internet search of the highlights of 1969. Can you believe gas was just .35 a gallon back then. "Back then"??? Oh man, I am starting to feel old!! :)

Gift tag for contest

Well, I am entering another contest-this one for gift tags. I have never tried to make one so I had no idea what to go with. I used the Christmas Cheer cart and cut out the stocking then decorated it with stickles and snow writer. I was afraid it would be too plain, but there just wasn't a whole lot of room to work with. Hope ya'll like it.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas card for contest

I made my second card for another Christmas card contest. I think this one might be better than the other one, I guess you get better as you go along. That means by the time I've made 50 or so I should get pretty good, haha.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pebbles and Bam-Bam

I just realized I haven't posted pics of my other "babies" yet. This is Pebbles and Bam-Bam, my little chihuahuas. Pebbles is the bigger one, although from the way she acts, you woulod think Bam-Bam was. Both of them are girls. They are also both 4 years old and weight right at 3 lbs each, but they are not sisters.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rachel's Halloween Party Invitations

Rachel and I made these cards for her Halloween party invitations. She used the Cricut for the first time and used the Paper Dolls cart for the pumpkin. I used chalk to color the top of the pumpkin and put stickles on the vines to give it a little dimension. I think she did a really good job and we had fun working together.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have started a new scrapbook. It's called my faithbook-in it I write and scrap about different areas of my faith. This is the first page. The scripture is so appropriate to begin this album. I'm excited about how this album is going to look-it's really going to be a work in progress. There are so many different things I want to write about.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby Love

These pictures of Alyssa and Haley needed to be on something special and it took me awhile to come up with something that fit. I finally hit on the title, "Baby Love" and went from there. (Nothing is as sweet as baby love!). I already had the frames from another kit and just trimmed the pics to fit then outlined them in stickles. The "think pink" is from a sticker set. I outlined the letters with a marker to make them stand out more. I cut them using SCAL. I think it is such a sweet page.

Baby Facts

I found this sticker sheet and held onto it for awhile waiting to find just the right pictures to go with it. I finally put this group together and they all fit just right. Haley is by herself in the upper corners and with GrandDaddy in the lower corners. I'm not sure you can read the stickers from the picture I took of the page. but they are alll so cute and fit her to a T!

Baby Face

These pictures of Haley just seemed to go together and the title came after I had laid them out on the page. Something seems to be missing, but I can't quite figure out what it is......

5 Months Old

I really love this page! Haley's picture looks like she is surprised to find out how old hse has gotten-just like the rest of us have. My picture of the page isn't the greatest, but I think it shows it pretty well. I think I did a decent job with this one.


Alyssa loves to put hats on Haley and she loves to wear them. I found this dingbat and used SCAL to cut it out. I mixed the two different papers to make the background a little more interesting and outlined everything in stickles for sparkle. My picture of the page doesn't really show the page as well as I would like. I liked the way it turned out-it's one of my favorites!

Summer-In the Pool!

I got these pictures from Alyssa of her and Haley in the pool and Haley looks like she is loving the water. I thought the water paper would fit them, but it took awhile for me to figure out how to arrange them on the page.
I got such a kick out of these pictures. Haley looked like she was really playing the piano and singing along that this was the only title I could think of to go with the page. And I love the strawberry paper that goes with the little outfit she has on.

Just Being Haley

I did this layout with a bunch of different pictures that, to me, show Haley's personality. I thought it turned out pretty well. I had a hard time with the title at first, but after I put the pictures on, the title just came. I used my Zooballoo cart for the words and New Arrival for the little animals. I outlined them with stickles for a little sparkle.
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