Monday, July 14, 2014

House Update

We've come a long way on the house.

The outside is ready to be cleaned and painted - we've chosen a medium gray with black trim. The front door will be red with black and white trim. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the front door!!

On to the inside. The kitchen cabinets are being installed now. There was a bit of a glitch in that the cabinet guy got his measurements off so they had to do a bit of refiguring to make everything work out. We've gone back and forth a few times about how to do this, but I think it will work out. The cabinets are really nice. It's just a matter of getting them where they belong.

Next comes the paint! Everyone has given their preferences for the color of their room and we are excited to see the colors finally go up on the walls. This is supposed to happen this week. I can't wait! Our old house was all one color - walls, trim, doors, everything! They gave us no options on colors the way we have now. This is a really big thing for us and the kids are really happy about it.

They have also given us a completion date of ONE MONTH!! So we should be in the house by the time the kids go back to school. I will be so relieved to get out of this little cramped house and this neighborhood and back into our own space.

I miss the peace and quiet of our place. No strange cars driving by at all hours of the day. No pit bulls to be scared of.  No stray bullets. Oh yeah - our neighbor's window was shot out recently by someone. Scary stuff.

Most of all, I miss my crafting space. The only time I get to do any scrapbooking is when I get together with Ms. Pat at church one or two days a month. All my stuff is packed up here at the house and I can't get it out to scrapbook because there is no room. I am itching to get my sewing machine out and sew and get into my paints. I plan on spending A LOT of time in my craft space!!

Vacation is coming up, too. We are planning a trip to Panama City Beach for a few days then going on to Texas to see my dad. That's a lot of time on the road, but we are all excited about it. We LOVE the beach!! And seeing my dad is a real treat. We try to go out at least every two years. I miss him a lot and wished he lived closer. It's really not a bad driving's the drive back that gets to me. It takes us about 23 hours to get home. We are really hoping that they will tell us that we can start moving in once we are home. That would be awesome!
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