Friday, June 26, 2009

Decorating Easter Eggs 2009

I finally remembered to take pictures of the kids when they decorated the eggs. Every year we decorate the eggs and I forget to take pictures. This year I didn't forget! We even got Brandon involved-he said it was his first year to decorate eggs. Hard to believe, we have done it every year since the kids were born. They did a great job, some of the eggs were very creative and they had a great time! I got some great pics, too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is one of the Easter layouts of the kids. We had an Easter Egg hunt at the house and the older kids really got into it-after it was mentioned that the prize egg contained money :). We fooled them into looking all around one tree by calling out "hotter", "hotter" every time they got near it. it was a hoot for us!

Haley wasn't too interested in hunting for eggs this year. Guess we need to wait one more year for her to get old enough to understand what it's all about. She did like the gigantic egg I put in the yard for decoration, but other than that she wasn't interested.
Seems like Frank and I have a hard time getting our picture made together. Alyssa took this pic of us on Easter Sunday at the house. I thought it turned out pretty good.

I did this layout of Rachel and her boyfriend, Brandon. The picture was taken on Easter Sunday when we all went to church for early services and it was one of those rare times Rachel actually dressed up. It's Rachel's first "real" boyfriend and they have gotten very close. He's really a great guy and we like him a lot. The two of them make a nice couple.

These are the layouts I did for Becca's 13th birthday. She is crazy about Tinkerbell so we ordered her a Tink birthday cake that was simply adorable! Plus, I made cake for the family dinner we had at home for Becca and Alyssa combined. It's not nearly as pretty as the Tink cake, but tasted good nonetheless! She didn't have a big party this year, just some friends over for cake and ice cream then they went to the skating rink. My little girl is a teenager-hard to believe.

This is one of those rare times I actually got a picture of Kimberly smiling. She smiles all the time, but if you get the camera out she seems to know it and won't smile no matter what you do or she will smile until you get ready to take the picture. It's like she psychic or something and knows exactly what you want to do. And she has such a pretty smile. I wish the "baby" part of the layout showed up better. The letters were stickers i had that looked great on the sheet, but not so much when I put them on the page. Still, I'm pretty pleased with the way the layout turned out.
Alyssa and Seth came over to the house last night to give Frank his Father's Day card early since they are going to Gatlinburg to celebrate their anniversary. I wasn't home-Rachel and I were still in the mountains delivering Malachi to camp. After we got home Alyssa called me and told me she had sent me an email and wanted me to read it. i pulled it up and it was a picture of Haley. Alyssa told me to read her shirt...............they're pregnant again!!

The new baby is due March 1st. I am so excited! This will be grandbaby number 2! I'm not sure when we will find out what it is, but it won't be long.

It's so cool that she told us near Father's Day. We found out about Haley on Mother's Day two years ago.

Congrats Alyssa and Seth!! Our prayers are with you for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monnie's Page

This is a memorial page I made for my sister-in-law, Monnie, who passed away from cancer in April. She was such a dear, and so young. It was heart-breaking to lose her so early. I used a lot of embellies and stickles on her page because I was trying to make it as sparkly as I could without being too overwhelming. I think it turned out really nice and is a fitting tribute to her.


This is a pic of one of the last days of Kimberly's swinging days-one of the first days she started coming to us. She does'nt fit in the swing anymore but she really loved it when she did. She grew out of it pretty fast, too! We have a swing at church that she can still ride in and she loves to sit in and and swing-it swings sideways, which is pretty cool, and I think she actually looks forward to getting in it.

Kimberly's smile

It is SO HARD to catch Kimberly's smile on film!! She will smile the prettiest smile but by the time you get the camera out it's gone! It's almost like she knows you are trying to capture it and she hides it on purpose. Barb took her to a photographer who must have been part magician because he managed to get the most beautiful smile of hers I have seen on film. I had to scrap it, of course! I kept the embellies to a minimum because I wanted to picture to really stand out. That smile is so bright!

Haley Love

I just cannot believe how big Haley is getting. It's like she has suddenly sprouted before my eyes. Why do they do that!!?? I so wish they could stay little longer. It wasn't that long ago that she was just learning how to stand on her own and now she can take off and run, and run, and run!! Alyssa managed to catch her standing still to get these pics and her expression is so adorable. She never says anything when I see her, but from the picture you would think she is talking up a storm. Wonder what she is thinking........................?

Bows and Butterflies

I LOVE these pictures of Haley!! She looks so happy and she's such a girly-girl i thought the bows and butterflies would make the perfect embellies for the page. You can't tell from the pic, but the paper has glitter dots on it and really sparkles. I outlined the bow and butterfly in stickles so they sparkle too. I think the page turned out really cute!
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