Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alyssa and Seth came over to the house last night to give Frank his Father's Day card early since they are going to Gatlinburg to celebrate their anniversary. I wasn't home-Rachel and I were still in the mountains delivering Malachi to camp. After we got home Alyssa called me and told me she had sent me an email and wanted me to read it. i pulled it up and it was a picture of Haley. Alyssa told me to read her shirt...............they're pregnant again!!

The new baby is due March 1st. I am so excited! This will be grandbaby number 2! I'm not sure when we will find out what it is, but it won't be long.

It's so cool that she told us near Father's Day. We found out about Haley on Mother's Day two years ago.

Congrats Alyssa and Seth!! Our prayers are with you for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

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