Monday, November 8, 2010

Malachi's Scrapbook

Lately I have been working on getting the kid's scrapbooks caught up. I have been spending most of my time on Malachi's.

I don't have a lot of his baby pictures because of the fire so I borrowed Mom's photo album and scanned just about every picture she had of him when he was little. I am using those to scrap his babyhood. Man, he was cute!! I would rather scrap baby pictures than any others, although I love doing them all!

Anyway, the photos aren't dated so I am doing a lot of guessing as to when they were taken and how old he was in each one. Occassionally I am coming across one or two that have the date printed on the photo so that is giving me some reference points to use.

I think the pages are turning out pretty nice and he will enjoy looking at the book when he gets older. Actually, he likes to get it out and go through it now, but he hasn't since I added the new pages. He'll be surprised to see them in there I think :)

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