Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day

It was a wonderful Christmas for the Eberharts! The kids woke us up around 5 am-I got a picture of them waiting at the top of the stairs for the ok to come down and see what Santa brought. We finally let them come into the living room and they were just as excited as always. Malachi didn't know what to do first, he just sat there looking at the gifts Santa had brought him! Rachel, Rebecca, and Aubrey were happy with there gifts. The girls both got North Face jackets-just what they wanted-and Aubrey got the Harry Potter series books-exactly what he wanted. Chayce got the video game he asked for and the movie he wanted. When they looked in their stockings they were shocked to find out they also got ipod nanos for Christmas! Santa's a little sneaky sometimes...........hehe. Santa also left a Wii system on the hearth and Chayce was the first to find it. I got lots of pictures of them with all their gifts and playing with the Wii. Everyone was happy with their gifts-and I was happy seeing them play with them. It was a great Christmas!

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