Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday card for swap

I finished my first set of cards for the swap for a group I am on. I kept procrastinating because I never could get an idea that seemed to be as nice as the cards I was getting in the mail. All the ladies that are sending me cards have done such a fantastic job I felt like I really needed to make something nice to send them. I hope they like this card! I printed out the message on the computer, used brads for the flowers, and the little glass balls are from The Robin's Nest. It's the first time I have used them and I love them! They are so neat.


~Christina~ said...

Very cute!!

Sheri said...

You would never know you're a beginner...sahhhhhh I won't tell if you don't...very nice work..I love the paper!!

Bonita said...

Thank you! I wasn't sure about the paper at first since it wasn't "birthday" material, but then it seemed to "call out" to me and I listened. I'm glad you liked it:).
PS-I won't tell either then...hehe

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