Friday, May 30, 2014

New house, Graduation, and VBS

The house is really coming along! We go by everyday to check on the progress and the construction crew seems to be something new each day. We are at the point now where they are have almost finished everything on the outside and are about to focus on the inside. Now comes the fun part - I get to make all these decisions about what color, style, etc., I want everything to be. It's fun, but also so stressful. It feels like deja vu too. It was just ten years ago that I just did all this. Of course, with the company that built our last house I wasn't able to make as many choices as I am with this company. We are using Baker Restoration this time and they are AWESOME!! They have given us such great guidance on EVERYTHING. And they have been available for every little question I have had.

It's been a busy couple of weeks - Becca graduated from high school on the 23rd and we are SO PROUD! She also recognized on Honor's Night and earned a cord for her gown. It was a great ceremony. We tried to go out to eat after, but everything was closed so we ended up eating at the Waffle House. It's okay though - it was good.

Kymberly also "graduated" from Kindergarten. She is a big First grader now. The school had a kindergarten celebration just before school let out and Frank and I went to see her. The kids all sang songs to us. She was SO CUTE! She got "Future Teacher" award.....hehe. I can see her helping the teacher run the classroom.

Now we're making plans for summer and vacation bible school. Malachi, Kymberly, and I have spent most of this week at church decorating my classroom for VBS. Our theme this year is a tropical island so they have been painting and cutting out lost of little fish. Our carnival is tomorrow and the vbs starts Sunday. I'm also in the skit so I've spent a lot of time practicing my lines and getting the sets ready....whew!! It's tiring but fun. We are hoping for a good turnout.

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