Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blake's first scrapbook pages

I scrapped Blake's first pictures, taken by Alyssa, and loved the way they turned out. The pictures of the pages aren't that great due to the glare of the page protectors, but you can still see the pages pretty well so I decided to leave them as they are. Alyssa is a phenomenal photographer! She really should do this for a living. I love, love, love the photos she takes!! It makes scrapping so easy-except for the part of deciding which ones to do-I simply cannot afford to scrap everything she takes!! HAHA. Haley already has two big albums full of pages and she is only 2 years old! And baby Blake turned a week only yesterday and I have 8 pages for his album already. One thing is for sure, I will never run out of scrapbook subjects-I just may need to take out a loan for the supplies.......LOL!

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