Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some layouts I finished

I finally finished some of Haley's layouts during a scrap day we had at church. I did 15 pages that day---whew!!--all of Haley. I have managed to finish her First 6 Months Album and can now start on her second 6 months. Not too bad considering she turned 2 in January! I still have TONS of pictures to scrap, sometimes I wonder if I will ever get them caught up. Once upon a time I was caught up, I don't know what happened. I take that back-I do know what happended. My daughter, Haley's mother, is a phenomenol photographer and I can't help but print out nearly all the photos she takes. They are all so good. It's hard to pick and chose just a few. And now she is having another baby in May. More photos. I just have to face it. I will never get them all done! Oh well, at least I will have something to keep me busy!

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